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Prior to purchasing any Monthly 1-on-1 service you MUST complete a FREE 30 Minute Discovery Call

24/7 Texting Availability

You can text anytime, day or night, and I will respond when I am available. Times I will not respond quickly would be when I am asleep, in a session with a client, having family time or on vacation. This method is meant for casual feedback, since texting does not allow for in depth analysis, lacks tone, can be easily misunderstood and is not the best way to communicate. This plan is good for bouncing ideas and thoughts back and forth, accountability checks, and general direction. It will not be as effective as other options.

Monthly (recurring)$50
Yearly (recurring)$550
*Limited Availability – e-mail Tim@RealMasterofMan with purchase verification to be added. Requires Telegram App.

Video/Telephone Call Consultations

Consultations held by Video Call or Phone (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc). These times will be scheduled and will provide 1-on-1 time to focus on the areas you desire to find growth. These sessions will provide guidance and tasks to perform to help move you toward positive results. Evaluations will be conducted to ensure we are staying on course and achieving the results you desire. This option is for those who desire to take serious action toward exploring growth in their life and desire to speed up the process through intentional and guided counsel.

All clients are taken on a case by case basis. I only want to work with those who are hungry for change or growth and who are willing to put in the appropriate time and effort toward their goals. Goals are a topic we will discuss in order to clarify and set goals that align with your desired outcome, we will also create a plan and set realistic expectations to achieve those goals.

To schedule your discovery call and begin 1-on-1 sessions, please e-mail

*Single Session 1-Hour$250
*Single Session 1.5 -Hour$300
*4 x 1 Hour Sessions Monthly$950
*4 x 1.5 Hour Sessions Monthly$1,100
*Limited Availability. Monthly sessions require you complete a FREE 30 Minute Discovery Call prior to booking & scheduling. Due to the nature of the consultation & time being provided exclusively for you, no refunds will be provided. Monthly sessions are on a retainer basis. If time is not used, no refunds will be available. 3 month minimum requirement for Monthly subscription.

Single Sessions can be scheduled with payment. Monthly subscriptions only available AFTER 30 Minute Discovery Call. If I agree to take you on as a client I will send you a separate payment & scheduling link.

On Site Consultations and 1-on-1 Sessions Available

I am available for:

  • 1-on-1 Individual Coaching
  • Small Business Personnel/Operations Consulting
  • Small Business Department Personnel Efficiency Consulting
  • Small Business Leadership Coaching

Due to the nature of 1-on-1 coaching or on site consulting each case will be individually assessed for need and desired result and provided with a package cost to complete a project, session or ongoing retainer for services. I’m serious about helping your organization, it’s important to me that focus and effort be reciprocal.

This option is best for those who desire to achieve and the highest level of accountability and focused growth who need me to travel to them to conduct more personal and in depth consultations to achieve their goals.

On Site Consultations are also the only option for small businesses who wish to sort out leadership, culture, and other company centered personnel growth challenges or desire to pursue continued growth in their individual and team communication, leadership and culture. I have found that being present in these scenarios is the only effective way to conduct them.

For Companies and Organizations I will gather some general information regarding the desired purpose and outcomes prior to arranging an initial meeting. In scenarios that require a considerable amount of time and focus on my part I will set a reasonable initial meeting fee that will be required prior to our meeting.

If you are interested in working with me 1-on-1 in person or on site, please e-mail me at

“Tim has been a special asset in my group… 

…I’ve gotten to know him by his forthright persona and willingness to contribute thoughtful insights and discourse. 

He brings comprehensive life experience to the table, natural abilities, strong moral character as well as applied knowledge from real life obstacles that’s he’s overcome. 

Tim has a natural leadership quality about him and a caring but “cut-to-the-chase” approach that sifts through the small talk and straight to the messages that can make all the difference in your understanding of a problem and how to activate yourself for its resolution. 

…All with a tender firmness that will invite you to be transparent and accept responsibility for the change necessary.”

— Dr. Taylor Burrowes, PhD

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