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Timothy J. Wright – Master of Man

I am the Real Master of Man… it’s not a statement of arrogance, it is a declaration to the commitment of mastering myself.

Above all, I believe in pursuing Personal Development. I believe it is the key to Mastering the aspects of life that everyone is striving to achieve; Faith, Wealth, Relationships, Wisdom, Fitness, Peace of Mind, Emotional Stability, etc.

My life started out in the small town of Climax, Michigan. I grew up on a farm, raised by a dad who was a Vietnam Vet and Former Marine and a mother who was a school teacher. They couldn’t be any more opposite from one another.

My journey has taken me many places, you can read about it in my blogs… from Captain of my high school soccer team to United States Marine. Movie theater manager to punk college student. UPS unloader to heavy equipment operator and certified arborist. Insurance call center customer service to Life Insurance Sales and business owner… with many transformational life lessons along the way.

The greatest discovery along the way was the importance of Personal Development. I realized the source of my frustrations was a lack of knowledge on how to get to where I wanted to go. I had no idea of where or how to start discovering both the knowledge and the wisdom I would need to undertake such a journey.

It has taken me years to hone my ability to be extremely self aware and understand the stages and process of Personal Development. Along the way I have developed a keen ability to help others identify where they are on their own path as well as identify major stumbling blocks for both individuals and small organizations.

I’ve learned how to welcome adversity as it arises and see it as an opportunity for greater growth and joy rather than an uncomfortable adversary to avoid at all costs.

My hope is to inspire you on your own Personal Growth journey as you develop into being your best version and Master your own inner Man (or Woman… ladies, you are certainly NOT excluded).

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